2019 Maitland Show

It was a great day for the Maitland Show on Saturday. Well done to Conductor Debbie Schwartz and the choir students who sang “Spirit of

Pancake Day

Last Tuesday 5th March, we enjoyed pancake day, or as it is sometimes known, ‘Shrove Tuesday’. As a school we have been participating in this

Gift Voucher Win

Our visit to Broomfield Black Angus Stud back in week 1 saw Connor guess the correct weight of one of Brett Grahams prize bulls. Broomfield

2019 Sports Day

What a magnificent day Friday was to hold the 2019 CYS sports day. It was great to see the colour, excitement and friendly rivalry between

Year 9/10 Aquatics Camp

On February 18/19, the year 9/10 students attended the annual aquatics camp at Port Vincent. The students had the opportunity to windsurf, kayak, knee-board and

Pool Safety Signs

The Year 1s have been learning about pool safety as part of their swimming program. As a group they decided to make safety posters to

2019 Splash Carnival

Our 2019 Splash Carnival was held on Friday February 22nd in very warm conditions, which encouraged everyone to enjoy the cool water of the pool.

Splash Carnival

Although it wasn’t an Eagles win, congratulations must go to the Sharks for winning this year’s splash carnival. The weather was perfect for an afternoon