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Welcome to the Central Yorke Early Learning Centre.

The Educators at the Central Yorke Early Learning Centre believe and develop their practices and pedagogy around the child being the centre of everything we do. We believe that all children’s wellbeing, culture and dispositions for learning are supported through relationships and play and that children are competent and capable learners who need to be challenged in their learning.

ELC Philosophy: The value of play

The value of play is reflected in our Centre philosophy and in our daily program. Play:

  • Is children’s work.
  • Occurs and has equal value in both the outdoor and indoor learning environments
  • Occurs in environments which are inviting and engaging through the use of inspiring spaces
  • Is supported and maximised through periods of uninterrupted play.
  • Is supported through open ended learning experiences
  •  Is supported through the nature play pedagogy
  •  Is promoted by Educators who are advocates for children’s play.
  •  Is supported through the use of loose parts both natural and manufactured materials.
  •  Is supported through authentic materials and resources.

ELC Relationships

The value of relationships is also reflected in our Centre philosophy and in our daily program. Relationships:

  • Are vital in children feeling safe, secure and supported.
  • Underpin children’s learning and development
  • Are reciprocal by working together with children and families
  • Are strengthened and developed through a welcoming environment
  • Are developed by respecting and working with the community through community involvement and engagement.
  • Are a way of respecting the culture of children and families
  • Create a sense of belonging for children, families and educators.
  • Between educators are respectful supports their own and others wellbeing.

ELC Programs

The Early Learning Centre offers a range of programs for children and families birth to 12 years of age. These programs include, the Preschool Program, Rural Care Program and Playgroup.

ELC Policies

ELC Parent Information

You can download more information about the ELC’s policies and programs below. The CYS Parent Information guide includes B-12 information, policies, curriculum and procedures.

ELC News

ELC Visit to Point Pearce Campus

ELC Visit to Point Pearce Campus

To promote greater collaboration and creating stronger connections between the two campuses of Central Yorke School, the Early Learning Centre and Reception class visited the
Supportive Playgroups

Supportive Playgroups

The ELC continues to offer a Supportive Playgroup to children and their families on a Friday morning 9am to 11am during term time. The cost
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Week 6-7 Roundup Video

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Pancake Day

Last Tuesday 5th March, we enjoyed pancake day, or as it is sometimes known, ‘Shrove Tuesday’. As a school we have been participating in this
School Photographs Day

School Photographs Day

A big thank you to Molly and all the staff from Advanced Life who took our school photographs today. Your professionalism, patience and good humour
Why Do We Play All Day?

Why Do We Play All Day?

Why do we play all day? As Early Childhood Professionals we are often questioned about our play based pedagogy and how children are learning in
Welcome to our thirty three new children!

Welcome to our thirty three new children!

Educators have welcomed 33 new children and families to the Kindy. Our focus with the children has been around building relationships and developing children’s sense

Early Learning Centre Roundup

The Five Ducklings story centre has been a popular destination for ELC students this week.
Yeti Hunt

Yeti Hunt

The CYS Performing Arts Centre truly lived up to its name last term as we proudly premiered the musical ‘Yeti Hunt’ over three performances and