2/3 Chickens

As part of our biological science unit, we looked at living and non-living things. After some discussion, some students wanted to know if eggs were alive or not.  After asking Mrs. Le Feuvre, for permission to use the school incubator, we asked families and staff if they had any fertile eggs we could incubate.

Mrs. Allen then set up the incubator. We placed 36 eggs in the incubator, to hatch them we needed to be kept at a certain temperature with some water to help the eggs hatch. Over the course of 21 days, we have been candling the eggs, this involves placing a bright light or torch under the egg to observe what is happening inside, we then recorded our observations in our investigation booklets.
On day 14, we noticed that some eggs hadn’t changed, we cracked one open to see that nothing had happened, so we removed those eggs so they wouldn’t explode.
On day 20, the first egg hatched, it was Alice’s egg, which she has named Clara.
The following day, five more chickens had hatched. We hope that the remaining eggs hatch too.

Having the chickens in our class has been a lot of fun, we especially enjoyed watching them hatch.