Night At the Museum (Principal’s Report)

Out Project Based Learning curriculum culminated last Wednesday night with “A Night at the Museum”, held at the Maitland Museum. The students have been working hard to try and create some exhibits for the Maitland Museum to attract visitors and showcase the rich history of our very proud community.

I was overwhelmed by the community support this project received when I arrived to the Museum and had to firstly line up to get in and then struggled to move around the Museum because of the sheer number of people. The pride of our students when they were presenting was evident and I could see that certain elements of the exhibits triggered many a happy memory and conversation starter for our parents, grandparents and special people that visited the Museum.

A huge thank you must go to Tim Tuck whose idea this was. He has done an amazing job supporting classes and orchestrating this massive event. He even wrote a song especially for the night, which our choir performed beautifully.
The Maitland Museum itself is a gem in the town of Maitland and is up there with the best local museums I have ever seen. I know I’ll be taking my family back there again and taking my time to go through it and truly appreciate the effort put into maintaining and showcasing our history.