Childrens Day

National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day

This special day is celebrated every year in Australia on August 4th. It is a time for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and Communities to celebrate the strengths and culture of our children. Each year there are more than 500 Children’s Day events held around the nation. The Point Pearce Campus celebrated Children’s Day with a variety of activities.

Open Classrooms

Firstly we invited family members to visit Open Classrooms, where they could see children involved in Literacy Activities.
Children showed off their reading skills to adults and visitors by reading Readers to them. It was wonderful to see and hear the confidence in the children. There has certainly been growth in the area of Reading.

Narungga Language activities

Auntie Sonya then shared some Narungga Language Activities; where children counted to 10 in Narungga, shared stories and Language about building shelters naming tree parts, and singing and doing actions to a song ‘Wash Your Mara’.

Community shared lunch

We then had a shared lunch which was enjoyed by all. One of the highlights on the menu were the Nunga Flag Biscuits which the children had prepared and baked the day before. We plan to ensure that even more people are involved next year.