SACE Stage 1 Surf Camp

The Stage 1 PE and Outdoor Ed students went on surf camp from Wednesday to Friday in Week 2.

They travelled with Mr Clifford and Kelly to Corny Point where they organised a wetsuit to wear, lathered on sunscreen and headed to the popular Berry Bay.
Port Vincent aquatics instructors Squizzy, Marc and Geoff took everyone through surf safety and the importance of looking after our environment.

It was a perfect first day for surfing and the turquoise water plus warm sunshine, made it all the more inviting.

The first two days offered great conditions, allowing all students to quickly progress in skills. Friday saw us body boarding in a new location at Marion Bay.
Students set up camp at Corny Point Caravan Park with their great camp kitchen facilities, and spent after hours recovering, or on one night, celebrating Bella’s birthday with cake.

The local dolphins were regularly swimming passed to say hello which made the experience even better!

Thanks to Mr Jason Clifford for organising a fantastic camp!

Kelly Whittaker | School Chaplain