BlazeAid Donation

This year’s designated SRC charity was ‘Blaze-Aid’, a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods. Working alongside the rural families, their volunteers help rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.
We have held several fund-raisers through the year, including our ‘Wear Your Pyjamas To School’ day, a casual clothes day and a recyclable can drive.
On Tuesday December 1, the SRC conducted a Zoom session with Jo from BlazeAid to let her know of our fundraising throughout 2020. She told us where donated money goes and what projects are currently being worked on.
We were very excited to inform her that we had raised $555.55 and she was very surprised when we ‘presented’ her with a huge cheque for that amount!
The SRC have been proud to have been involved with BlazeAid this year and look forward to a new community project in 2021.