Morse Code Flashers

The Year 3/4 Class finished constructing their Morse Code signalling devices in STEM last week. Previously the students have experimented with electrical components and how

STEM Morse Code

The Year 3/4 class has been exploring how data can be represented and communicated in different ways and this fortnight we have been learning about


In Drama with Mrs Davies, the Year 1 have been learning how to do magic tricks using technology. They took before and after shots on

Night At the Museum

The Maitland Museum hosted over two hundred visitors on the evening of August 21 for Central Yorke School’s 2019 Project Based Learning Expo. The aptly

Term 1 Learning Expo

The Performing Arts Centre was buzzing this afternoon with the Term One Learning Expo.There were amazing recycling machine models from the Year 8 class, skill-testers

5DJ Minecraft

5DJ students are learning the basics of the popular world-building game ‘Minecraft’ as part of digital coding.