Day 1

We arrived at school bright and early to leave on the bus at 8:30am with our teachers Miss Townsend and Mrs Stutley. It took about 45 minutes to get to the Tuckerway hostel at Port Vincent where we unloaded the bus and started water activities which included stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, double kayaking, kneeboarding and sailing. We split into three groups, squeezed into wetsuits and put on PFDs. We also put on water shoes because there are razor fish in the water that can slice your feet if you step on them! Kneeboarding and sailing were most peoples’ favourite while kayaking hurt everyone’s arms. Andy (aka ‘Sir Andy’) and Maddi (who celebrated her 22nd Birthday) were everyone’s favourite instructors.

We left the beach at 5pm, walked up a massive hill (that everyone hated) and back at Tuckerway we settled into our rooms, playing indoor games explored the scrub and played chasey. Mr Baker and Mrs Le Feuvre came to help out for the evening and shared our dinner of patties, sausages, chicken kebabs and salads. After dinner we split into teams for games (the Red Team was best overall) then had a supper of biscuits and chocolate Nesquik and went to bed.

Day 2

It was an early wake up at 7am for pack up by 8:30am and be down the beach after breakfast. We walked down the massive hill (yay!) and continued our water activities, squeezing back into our wetsuits, PFDs and water shoes.
After morning activities we were allowed to buy food at the kiosk. While we were there an elderly lady had a heat stroke and an ambulance came and took her to the hospital. We did more water activities until 4:15pm and by 4:30pm the bus arrived to drive us back to Tuckerway and pack. It took another 45 minutes to get back to school where we waited for our parents.

By Lucy Allen & Summer Davies

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