STEM is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

As these subjects are closely related they are often taught together. 

STEM approach to teaching

The STEM approach to teaching and learning gives students the opportunity to work on challenging problems and projects. Hands-on practical activities help learners:

  • experiment  
  • use new technologies
  • test ideas
  • make and create innovative solutions to real, complex problems through the Engineering Design Process .

Relationships with local industries and communities are also important to both teacher and student learning.

What STEM students learn

In Primary we learn: 

  • designing and building prototypes like windmills, solar cars and water sampling technologies
  • designing solutions to problems 
  • investigating systms
  • coding and robotics
  • agri-science and agricultural engineering
  • robotics
  • developing technical and engineering skills to troubleshoot the source of a problem, repair a machine or debug an operating system.

Department for Education STEM Strategy


Primary STEM News

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3/4 STEM – Tunnel Challenge

The Year 3/4 STEM class were challenged to build tunnels wide enough for a BeeBot to travel through, then program … ...

Primary STEM round up

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The Year 3/4 STEM class are building tunnels. We looked at video of the Heysen Tunnel in the Adelaide Hills … ...

1/2 Design & Technology

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