Curriculum Framework

Your child’s curriculum is developed and assessed in line with the South Australian Certificate of Education and the Australian Curriculum. Teachers use these frameworks to develop a balanced curriculum for all students. The school’s curriculum is divided into full year, semester courses (two terms) or term courses.

R-8 subjects

From Reception through Year 8, students have a set of core / compulsory subjects that usually run over a full year.

9-10 subjects

Additional semester length subject choices are offered in years 9-10.


11-12 Subjects

Students in Year 11 have a much wider choice, with just English and Maths being compulsory. More information is given below.

Year 11 students are required to study a full Year of English/Literacy and at least one semester of Mathematics/Numeracy.

By achieving a C grade or better in English and Mathematics, students meet the compulsory literacy and numeracy requirements of the SACE. Year 11 completes the Stage 2 Research Project during semester 2. By achieving a C grade or better, students meet the compulsory requirement of the SACE. One semester is equivalent to 10 credits Students may choose from a range of specialist subjects in areas of personal need, interest and skill.

Students should choose subjects that meet their needs in numeracy, fit their future pathway in regards to future study, training and employment and Interest them and they will enjoy.
In preparation for Year 11, our Year 10 students will participate in a detailed subject selection process during Term 3. There will be a parent night in the middle of Term 3. Following this, students and their families will meet with Course Counsellors. They will use Semester 1 results along with teacher recommendations to choose subjects for the following year. These choices will be reviewed in light of Term 4 results.