SAASTA Overview

The South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) offers young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander South Australians a range of highly engaging learning and personal development opportunities. SAASTA builds on the education offered in our schools, giving students opportunities for ongoing personal growth and cultural experience. SAASTA provides Aboriginal school students with a unique sporting and educational program.

SAASTA is available to both male and female students in years 10, 11 and 12 who are studying the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). While sport and recreation play a major role, our academies do not only cater for the sporting elite. Enrolment is open to any Aboriginal student who is committed and passionate about pursuing success in education and building a strong foundation for their future.

Every academy student is encouraged to aim high and to raise the bar of expectation they place on themselves and their peers, particularly in the areas of attendance, participation, educational performance and behaviour. Because of this approach academy students are widely considered as role models for their schools, families and communities.

SAASTA Study Program

Once enrolled, academy students typically study two academy-developed SACE subjects per year; each subject is developed specifically for our students and contributes towards the successful completion of the SACE. Our SACE subjects are delivered in a structured and highly supported academy classroom environment by SAASTA teachers, tutors and relevant industry experts.

Our SAASTA Academy at Central Yorke School is held with high regard within our local community. Each year we have a high volume of applicants applying for the program. Student applicants must complete a formal interview with the SAASTA Coordinator and their parents before being considered for the program.

Consideration of the previous year’s attendance, behaviour and academic success can also play a role in weather or not a student is selected in the final team of 20. As we are a cluster Academy we comprise of students from not only our site but from Kadina Memorial, Moonta Area School and Ardrossan Area school not only does this add to the competitiveness of gaining entry it also allows our students to connect with other Indigenous students throughout the Peninsula. Once in the team, students must maintain the SAASTA Key Performance Indicators to keep their place in the team as well as gain their invitations to such events as the Aboriginal Power Cup and the SAASTA Shield event.

SAASTA Academy Performance Indicators

Academy students are also required to wear the SAASTA uniform correctly and with pride at all times. Throughout a day in SAASTA all students are required to complete a curriculum based task which is then marked by a steering panel in Adelaide. These tasks along with attendance summaries contribute to our team’s points and eligibility into grand finals. Students are also exposed to specialised training within the sports academy as well as important cultural tasks which play a vital part of keeping the Aboriginal culture alive as well as helping students identify who they are and how they belong.


SAASTA 2019 Power Cup

SAASTA 2019 Power Cup

Day One – Thursday On Thursday we stood together with great pride, proudly wearing our bright coloured Guernseys which displayed our mascot the “Badja Barnda” ...
Willpower Cup

Willpower Cup

Congratulations to the SAASTA Connect students playing in the WillPOWER Cup last week who won two games against Murray Bridge teams. ...
SAASTA Aboriginal Power Cup

SAASTA Aboriginal Power Cup

On June 5, the Stage 1 and 2 SAASTA students headed to Adelaide for the Aboriginal Power Cup. We took 17 students in total which ...