The House System is used to promote a positive school culture, encourage school connectedness, and celebrate student success. House points are awarded for a range of student achievements to promote friendly competition between houses.

House points are also allocated to the houses for a range of school initiatives. Students are placed in a House when they enrol at the school and generally siblings belong to the same House. Points are progressively updated throughout the year and tallies are publicised at each assembly, in the school newsletter, through Facebook and on the school sign.

Historically, Maitland Area School had four house teams:

  • Yorke (Yorke Peninsula)
  • Spencer (Spencer Gulf)
  • Eyre (Eyre Peninsula)
  • Vincent (Gulf St Vincent)

These were later reduced to three houses and on amalgamation to two:

Vincent Sharks
Vincent Sharks
Vincent Sea-Eagles
Vincent Sea-Eagles

2023 House Points Term Totals

House Competition News

The Eagles Win!

A strong finish in Term 4 by the Sharks didn’t dent the Eagles substantial lead with the mighty birds winning …...

Primary Assembly | Week 3

Congratulations to our Merit Card and Birthday Card recipients this week. Well done also to the Eagles, who extended their …...

Week 9 House Points

Congratulations to the Sharks who are making a last minute comeback with a 117 point win this week. The Eagles …...

Week 8 House Points

Another weekly win to the Eagles with the Year 2/3 class contributing to the Eagles score. The margin for the …...

Week 7 House Points

Despite the loss on Sports Day, the Eagles won this week’s House Competition and have maintained their overall lead for …...

Sports Day

Congratulations to the Sharks for their big wins at the 2023 Sports Day.  ...

Week 6 House Points

Big win to the Sharks this week (3,311 to 3,168), winning both the Barrie Koch Cup and the Ali Adams …...

Sports Day 2023

The 2023 Sports Day was a fantastic event that showcased the best of our community spirit, sportsmanship, and goodwill. From …...

Javelin Events | Sports Day 2023

Sports Day Javelin events were held on Monday, March 6...

Sports Day 2023

Eagles or Sharks? Who will win Sports Day 2023?...

Week 4 House Points

A solid win to the Eagles this week with impressive contributions from the R/1 and 2/3 classes...

Week 3 House Points

The Sharks are back in the hunt with a solid 146 point win over the Eagles. Congratulations particularly to the …...

Week 2 House Points

Congratulations to the Eagles for two wins in a row...

Term 4 House Points

Term 3 House Points

Term 2 House Points

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