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Primary Playground Progress: Week 2-3 Update

Work has begun in earnest on the new Primary Playground with Matt and the team from 'Climbing Trees' busy doing groundworks, laying pipes, building tunnels and sorting a HUGE pile of rocks for stone walls.

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Crows Girls-Football Workshop

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Term 1 Swimming Lessons

Term 1 swimming lessons focused on revision of basic strokes, pool safety and beginner rescue techniques. Rescue instruction started with keeping safe when helping others and identifying objects (such as basketballs, pool noodles or kickboards) that would support a swimmer in danger. Students then practised gaining a swimmer's attention, throwing

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Elevate Education Program

On Wednesday, 6th February Elevate Education ran 2 study programs for years 10, 11 and 12. These programs, Study Sensei and Time Management, introduced students to evidence based approaches to study that have a proven impact on the ongoing results of Senior Secondary students. All teaching staff attended a seminar

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Meet the Teachers at Maitland.

Our annual 'Meet the Teacher' evening was held on Tuesday February 5 from 6-7pm. All the primary and secondary classrooms were open with teachers presenting to parent group at staggered times across the night. Parents met new staff and learned about curriculums, classroom expectations, procedures and upcoming events. The evening

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Welcome to our thirty three new children!

Educators have welcomed 33 new children and families to the Kindy. Our focus with the children has been around building relationships and developing children’s sense of belonging. Our Centre philosophy, which underpins all that we do in the ELC, states the importance of relationships and Play in fostering children’s learning

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Meet the Teacher Night at Point Pearce

Last Tuesday saw a large group of staff members from CYS Maitland Campus visit our Point Pearce Campus. The whole idea behind it was to introduce any new staff to community members and families, and provide an opportunity for them to chat with staff on an informal basis. One major

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A Great Start to 2019

The Point Pearce staff and children have settled in extremely well to the 2019 school year. The attendance level in the R-2 Class is above 90% and in the Pre-School near to 80%. This indicates to us that we are providing meaningful, enjoyable programmes for our children, and that families

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Grant Keleher (Principal)

As principal, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Central Yorke School website. While our site provides lots of information about the school, its programs, newsletters, activities and other relevant information, it won’t be able to answer all your questions, so I encourage you to contact us so we are able to more fully respond to your questions.

Central Yorke School supports students from Birth to Year 12, across two campuses – Maitland and Point Pearce – whilst using innovative learning practices to empower them to achieve their full potential as successful and valued members of their communities. Our staff take great pride in providing a safe and secure learning environment, whilst at the same time providing a full range of dynamic and challenging academic and extracurricular programs.

At Central Yorke we are learning together, and making a difference.