To Market – Middle School Elective

The ‘To Market’ elective’s goal was for students to create a small business, manufacture an in-demand product, and sell it in the local community. Students had to:

  • Create a name and logo for their business.
  • Decide on products that could be packaged and sold in a community market
  • Cost / make / bake / cook / assemble / their product
  • Package / label / advertise their product
  • Sell the product at a market.


This week the Elective students completed the last goal by setting up tables in the Primary Coverway. They sold ear-rings, scrunchies, cake pops, Aboriginal Flag cookies, melting moment biscuits, toy boats and brownie cupcakes. The pop-up market was a huge success with everything being sold in under 15 minutes and realising a profit of $130. Congratulations to all the students involved and to teacher Betina Davies for encouraging the students’ entrepreneurship.