Secondary Roundup

What a great day sports day was, I always enjoy seeing students in different lights and some of the performances that I saw were outstanding. Two highlights for me was seeing Jet Hasting smash an old High Jump record and the Senior School Girls supporting Kaylee Short who injured herself on Long Run Day. Both events highlighted the character of our students and their ability to perform when necessary.

Assessing & Reporting

This is an important time of term as teachers prepare for the first round of reporting for. Our site has been part of a state wide program initiated to help improve Learning Design, Assessment and Moderation (LDAM). This project has introduced five key strategies which we have spent time at our last two pupil free days developing with all staff.

Formative assessment has been implemented across the school, these strategies help students develop their learning and gain valuable feedback as to where they can improve before they submit work that contributes to their grades. Please contact your Child’s teachers if you would like more information on what formative strategies they are using and how feedback is being used to progress student achievement.

Football academy

Our Football Academy has really started to hit its stride. Students are travelling from across the Peninsula to attend the day here and its great to be able to offer this opportunity to our students and the wider community. I was in the class briefly last week and the buzz and excitement in this classroom was as good as any club could ask for.  Jason Clifford and Luke Trenorden have done some fantastic work getting this up and running, and they have started to run the students through their paces. I’ve also seen an old pair of boots come out of one of the teacher’s cupboard with some dust being cleaned off before use!