Point Pearce Buzz (Week 7)

We are all in an extremely busy time of Term and the children at our site have been involved in many different activities lately.


Last week the Kindy group enjoyed a Beach Trip to Buthera’s Rock, and also visited the Maitland Early Years Campus to enjoy their facilities and mix with a wider group of children.  More information about these will appear in the next Newsletter. We also have Yorketown and Warooka Early Years sites visiting us next week, and are also heading to Adelaide for a Variety Club Easter Picnic with our Reception children in week 9.


We all had our Group, Individual and Family school photos taken last Tuesday. A big thanks to all families who came up and helped to make this crazy day as smooth as it could be, especially helping with the Family pictures.


Each week our children have been learning Narungga Language. They have been doing this with Auntie Sonya. So far they have been practicing greeting each other, learning how to count to ten and saying ‘Thankyou’. It is great to hear them using the words around our site.


Sports Day last Friday saw a fantastic roll up of students and families. Once again it was wonderful to see so much support there for all of our children when competing.
We have some real budding athletes amongst our group. Others adults commented on how well our kids competed and supported each other. I was very proud of the way our students represented our Point Pearce community and site.


Between Recess and Lunchtime each day the R-2 Class splits into an Initial Lit Group and an Intervention Group. Miss Amanda, Miss Jacki and Rachel P spend quality one on one time with a small group of students who are benefitting from very specific, specialised learning activities.  The rest of the R-2 Class move to the Library where Miss Kath, Miss Linda and Auntie Charlotte work with small groups on Literacy based activities. The children are enjoying this time greatly. These sessions are part of an Initial Lit Program which is achieving great results around SA.


Each week on a Thursday we have a Speech Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist from Healthy Families visit our site to work with some of our Intervention children.
This support has been gained through IEASP support and NDIS Funding. We are already noticing some positive changes with oral language, communication and spatial awareness in our children, as a result of these visits.