RYPEN 2021

RYPEN is the Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment and I was lucky enough to be sponsored by the Maitland rotary club to attend the 2021 event.
On Friday April 23, we travelled to the Woodhouse activity centre situated in Piccadilly in the Adelaide Hills.

On Saturday Morning, straight after breakfast, we had a very informative session about our values and another about goal setting. These were both very enlightening and helpful.

Later that night we had a session of Bush Dancing which I thoroughly enjoyed as we got to dance around with the new people that we had formed a connection with.

On Sunday April 25th (ANZAC Day morning), we all rose early to attend the local ceremony at Woodhouse where we were accompanied by a local serviceman and his family. Afterwards we listened to two more guests talking about Public speaking and Problem Solving which I found the most interesting and helpful.

On my return to Maitland I attended a Rotary Meeting where I spoke about my experiences and received my certificate. I made many new friends from all over South Australia whom I have remained in contact with. I also learned many new skills that will be valuable in the future.

I would highly recommended students in the future to take up this opportunity.