Information is organised in alphabetical order

Allergies / Medical Conditions

It is vital staff are notified of any child’s allergies and or medical conditions. An actions plan or health care plan will need to be completed by a medical practitioner which identifies appropriate management and treatment. We are a NUT, EGG, WATERMELON & ROCKMELON FREE centre.

It is the responsibility of families to ensure their child’s allergy and medical information is up to date and notifying the Centre of any changes to these.


Continuity is important. It is beneficial for your child’s social, emotional development and establishes a good routine in readiness for school. Please notify the Centre if your child is unable to attend due to sickness, holidays etc.

Arrival & Departure Of Children

Please bring your child into the building and use the sign in sheet provided. If someone else will be picking up your child please let staff know. If you are running late please phone the Centre on 88322613, so we can reassure your child that you are coming. It can be an upsetting time when all other children are leaving and your child isn’t.

If your child has not been picked up after a session this is the procedure staff take:

  • Wait 15 minutes then phone call to parents.
  • If no response, phone call to emergency contacts.
  • If no response and child still hasn’t been collected staff will call the Police. Police are notified as the child is put into their care until parents can be located.

Catastrophic Fire Danger Days

If the CFS gives advance notice of a forecast ‘catastrophic’ fire danger in our fire ban district, NO school buses will run on that day, but the centre will remain open. Useful websites & phone numbers:

  • CFS Bushfire Info Hotline 1300 362 361
  • DECD Emergency Info Hotline 1800 000 279
  • SA CFS
  • DECD website

Contact Details

Please let staff know of any changes to your contact information. We need to have current information especially phone numbers in case we need to contact you in an emergency.

Curriculum / Program:

We are a play-based centre where children have a choice of learning experiences. Explicit teaching opportunities are also used. The curriculum program is displayed at the Centre.

We encourage you to read about what is happening so discussions can occur with your child about what they have been doing. Our program is based in the Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being, Becoming, The Indicators of Preschool Numeracy and Literacy.

We also use the You Can Do It Program focussing on social emotional development and the Child Protection Curriculum.

Governing Council

Early Learning Centre staff and parents are invited to nominate for the Central Yorke School Governing council.

Kindy Bus Service:

Permission is required from Fiona Lee Buttfield to travel on DECD buses. A private bus runs from the Maitland Lutheran School to the Centre.

Please note that NO buses will run on days of CATASTROPHIC FIRE DANGER in our fire ban district, but the centre will remain open.

Kindy Session Times

Day Time Notes
Tuesday 8.45am – 2.45pm  
Wednesday 8.45am – 2.45pm  
Thursday 8.45am -2.45pm (Fortnightly on even weeks)

Library Session:

We will be visiting the CYS Library on Thursday afternoons. Please fill in a library school enrolment form (yellow card) and return by the first Thursday so your child can borrow. Please also send along a named bag for your child to place their books in.

Materials Charges (Fees):

Full Time: $75.00 (per term)

Early-Entry $25.00 (per term)

Invoices for Fees will be sent out to families in either pockets or bus folders. Fees are an important part of providing a quality program for children as they are used to purchase the consumables which children use every day at preschool. Fee payments are to be made at the school office by cash or eftpos. Online payments can also be made using the payment details on the invoice. If families are having difficulty paying fees there is an option of a payment plan. Please speak to Fiona-Lee at the school student services area to arrange this.

Parent Involvement:

We encourage families to come in and assist us at any time. You may have a skill that you wish to share with the children or just simply come along and interact with the children. On occasions we may ask for ‘jobs’ to be completed, these are generally asked through the newsletter or the white board. We also love your participation during fundraisers, special events and excursions.

Parent Participation Group (PPG)

Join with other parents and be involved in supporting our Centre through the planning and organising of fundraising activities, special events and purchasing of resources for the Centre. These meetings are held once or twice a term. Please see a staff member if you are interested in joining.


Role Person Email
Head of Early Years Mel Richards
Teachers Kerry Richardson

Allie Luciani

School Service Officers Jo Rawlings

Tammy Wharton

Rural Care Workers Jasmine Stone

Rosemary Liebelt

Tammy Wharton

Sarah Muir


Run by parents on Friday mornings from 9:30 – 11:00am during the School term. Membership to Playgroup Association is required. Cost is $2 per session, Children under 1 are free. Please bring a piece of fruit to share. Please contact our Centre for more information.

Parent Concerns

We pride ourselves in being available to talk 1:1, in a confidential manner on concerns that you have regarding your child or an educator. You may feel we are too busy to talk to you – if this is the case we can make ourselves available to discuss matters upon a mutually agreed time or after hours.

Proof of Age

It is a DECD requirement for families to provide verification of a child’s age prior to acceptance of an enrolment and a child commencing preschool. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • A passport
  • A birth certificate
  • Official Centrelink documentation stating the child’s name and date of birth.

It is a DECD requirement that families with children enrolled in a DECD preschool and/or rural care, provide immunisation evidence to their service prior to acceptance of an enrolment and their child commencing preschool and/or rural care.

Please show your service a copy of your child’s:

Rural Care Fees:

Full Day: $76.00

Half Day: $38.00

After School Care: $17.70

Rural Care Families are invoiced fortnightly directly by the Rural Care Administration Office. Payments are made directly to Rural Care as per the details on the invoice. The Centre is unable to take cash payments for rural care fees.

Rural Care Session Times

Session Time
Full Day 8.00am-6.00pm
Morning 8.00am – 1.00pm
Afternoon 1.00pm – 6.00pm
After School 3.00pm – 6.00pm

Rural Care Program

Rural Care is available at the Centre from 8am til 6pm Monday to Friday. The program offers care for children between 0-12 years old. Vacation care is also offered during school holidays. Please phone and speak to the rural care staff or Mel to discuss your child care needs and enrolment.

Safety & Well-being

Sun protection

As part of our Skin Protection Policy, children need to have their shoulders covered and preferably a t-shirt with a collar. We encourage independence when going to the toilet, please avoid hard to undo belts etc. Please send a spare change of clothes in the instance of an accident or becoming wet during warm weather activities. Please remember to label clothing too.

Wet weather

Wet weather clothing is provided for the children during wet weather. Can families please send along a pair of gumboots to support your child to play in the outdoor learning environment during the wetter and cooler months.


On arrival can you please ensure your child washes their hands. This reduces new germs being introduced to the centre and reduces possible allergic reactions.

What To Bring To Kindy

Item Notes
Bag We encourage children to be responsible for their own belongings and to keep them in their lockers.
Fruit Two pieces in a named container which is placed on the drinks trolley. Children are able to access their fruit when they feel hungry. Staff will remind children of their fruit.
Lunch A packed lunch in a separate lunchbox to be put in the fridge by staff.

Please refer to our Food Supply and Nutrition Policy and our Anaphylaxis and Allergy Policy to guide which foods to pack for your child.  Please NO NUT PRODUCTS such as peanut paste, nutella, sesame seeds & nuts. NO EGGS, WATERMELON Or ROCKMELON.

Water Bottles A named water bottle placed on the drink trolley for easy access throughout the day.
Hat & Sunscreen A broad brimmed, bucket or legionnaire style hat is needed to be worn when the UV rating is a 3 or over. Please ensure hats are in bags every day. Please apply sunscreen before arrival at Kindy. Staff will assist children to reapply at lunchtime when UV is a 3 or above. Sunscreen is available at our ‘sunscreen station’ if required.
Labelled Belongings Please ensure all belongings are clearly marked with your child’s name. Please keep toys and other valuables at home due to high risk of such treasures being lost, broken or permanently borrowed.
Communication Pocket Each child will have a pocket which notes will be placed in. For bus children a folder with a communication book will be given. Please bring this daily.
Clothing Please send your child in comfortable clothing and footwear. Please dress in clothes that neither you or your child will mind if paint, mud or other messy materials should get on them. At Central Yorke Early Learning Centre, Maitland and Point Pearce Campus, all eligible kindy students will be provided with a Central Yorke polo shirt and polar fleece windcheater.