Growing Great Grains

Over the past two terms, the Year 5/6 classes have been working with the “Growing Great Grains” coordinator Belinda Cray to learn how food is

Poultry Production

The Year 8 class have been studying poultry production this term. We have examined chicken anatomy, incubation and brooding, poultry housing systems and most recently,

Goat Washing

An entertaining way to spend a wet Tuesday morning! With time running out until the Kadina Livestock event, our Year 9 class took on the

Year 9 Goats

As we approach the finish line of our Led Wether Goat project, the Year 9 students have been busy putting the final touches on their

Show Ring Skills

Year 9-12 students attended special show ringcraft training sessions at the Ag Block during the recent school holidays. Run by Amy Nankivell and Danny LeFeuvre,

Led Steers Update

Our older students have formally accepted the challenge of training three steers! Quite a few of our 10-12 students are involved with the led steer

Kapunda Rodeo Excursion

Senior Ag students Steph Gersch, Benita Rodda, Sophie Heinrich and CYS Staff Linda Heinrich, Sarah Townsend and Jaynelle LeFeurve attended the Kapunda Rodeo on the

2/3 Chickens

As part of our biological science unit, we looked at living and non-living things. After some discussion, some students wanted to know if eggs were