3/4 STEM – Castles

The Year 3/4 class used a modular building processes to create their own unique castles. They learned construction techniques such as scoring, flanging, and flaps

Growing Great Grains

Over the past two terms, the Year 5/6 classes have been working with the “Growing Great Grains” coordinator Belinda Cray to learn how food is

3/4 STEM Paper

The Year 3/4 Class have been exploring Chinese Inventions in STEM lessons. Last week we made our own paper by recycling scraps of coloured paper.

2 STEM Castles

The Year 2 Class have been using modular patterns to create their own individualised model castles. Students learned modelling techniques including scoring (to create sharp

STEM Paper Fans

The Year 3/4 class’s Term 3 STEM theme is China, and we’re going to be making paper, bamboo irrigation systems, wheelbarrows and lots more. This

Morse Code Flashers

The Year 3/4 Class finished constructing their Morse Code signalling devices in STEM last week. Previously the students have experimented with electrical components and how

STEM Morse Code

The Year 3/4 class has been exploring how data can be represented and communicated in different ways and this fortnight we have been learning about

Point Pearce STEM

Every Tuesday afternoon in the Point Pearce R-2 room the students are participating in a literacy-based STEM program.  The students love to build and create