Orienteering Camp

The Year 10s travelled to Mount Crawford last Thursday for their orienteering camp. Mr Jason Clifford and Kelly Whittaker went along for the ride, to drive and offer some guidance.
They arrived at the campsite when the rain had ceased for a moment and took that opportunity to set up their tents. They then continued onto their orienteering challenges. Splitting into groups, they did a couple different courses. They all enjoyed the challenge of not getting lost and finding their way to the final mark. The competitive nature was alive and well amongst peers, while the wind, rain and cold temperature added to the course.

For those that made it back (no-one was lost), they travelled to see and checkout the ‘Whispering Wall’. Many words, songs and dance moves were sent via the wall. A delicious bbq tea cooked in constant showers, around the campfire, completed the day. The following day started with pack-up and then to Parra Wirra Conservation Park for another orienteering course. Students did very well to complete the course in wet conditions. They were ready for home after a quick stop for lunch.

Thank you Mr Clifford for a fantastic, organised camp!