Independent Learning Time

As part of our new structure and innovative learning technologies we have introduced “independent learning time” for our students from 7-11.

The amount of this time increases as a student gets older at the school. The expectation during this time is that students catch up on work they might have not finished, complete assessment tasks, or continue on with their course and get ahead.
We are trying to reflect what is required at university and schools such as Prince Alfred College or Glenunga International High. During this time we are also getting teachers to show students how to study properly so that they can get even better results and not panic when it comes to tests. Lots of students have struggled with this sense of freedom, but it something that I want to stick with so that when they get to higher year levels they use this time wisely.

This is good preparation for study lessons in senior school or study time in a boarding house. To support this transition we are using the “to-do” list on Canvas that also tells students what work is outstanding and what they need to do for each subject. While it is new, there have been some teething problems for both staff and students. I ask that parents stick with us while we create a model that will be successful for all.

Grant Keleher | Principal