Point Pearce Oral Language

Oral Language

At Point Pearce Campus the development of Oral Language skills by our children continues to be a major focus. Oral Language appears as a major goal within our Quality Improvement Plan (Pre School) and our Site Improvement Plan (R-2 Class). Oral Language development is crucial for children to be able to communicate effectively with their peers and adults. It is important for children to share their feelings, ask questions, give instructions, share comprehension and explain how things work.
There is also a focus on learning and using Narungga Language. This is often taught through songs and games. It has been wonderful to hear the amount of Narungga Language being used by the children.

Dave Love


The storybook component of our R-2 Whole Class literacy program (Initial Lit) provides an opportunity for rich oral language experiences. Every week a new book is introduced and the focus is around developing and extending the students oral language.

Kath Magarey

Kindy oral language

Developing children’s oral language in the Kindy is major focus in the experiences that are offered. During lunch a story is often read, allowing children to learn new words, learn about story telling and engage in answering questions. Our children often engage in stories throughout the day and share their story telling with everyone.
Andrew was engaging with his peers with his book, and using language with purpose as he got children’s attention to listen to the story before describing what was happening on the first page of the book to everyone.

Rachel Wells.