Secondary Term 4 Update

It has been a busy term for students completing their SACE. Submission of External Assessment pieces began late last term and was completed last week. Exams have been underway for the last fortnight with students sitting, Mathematical Methods, General Mathematics, Biology, Legal Studies, Chemistry and Psychology exams. This year for the first time we have delivered online E-Exams which have been hugely successful in modernising the way SACE is delivered.

While the focus has been on preparing students for academic success for the last few months it is also a time to reflect on and celebrate the experiences our students enjoy whilst at CYS, this has included a range of sporting, social and academic options. As I read this year’s school leavers’ references it became clear that no two students have the same experience of our school and they can really personalise the approach and pathway they take through the SACE.

No doubt it is sad to see students leave, and every year we say goodbye to families that have been with us for a long time. However it is also great to celebrate student achievements and recognise their hard work and accomplishments while they were here. It is also exciting to look forward to next year and the new range of subjects we will be adding to our expanding SACE Curriculum. In particular the addition of Nutrition to our current Agriculture, Biology and Chemistry classes really rounds off our sciences, and the delivery of Design and Technology all the way to year 12 fits perfectly with a range of VET opportunities our students are engaged with.