Stage 2 Physical Education

The Stage 2 PE class is currently studying their external assessment task. This task is a Group Collaboration task.

We have joined with the Stage 2 PE class from Ardrossan and will be competing in a lunchtime volleyball competition to gather our data. Each Monday we have travelled to Ardrossan to collaborate with Ardrossan. In week 5 Ardrossan will travel to CYS to compete in the competition.

Each student needs to take on the role of a coach. They could be in the areas of Tactics, Motivation, Technique or Fitness. During the training and competition phases students need to gather data on how each of these roles can have an impact on a team environment and write an evaluation on their findings.

It will be interesting to see if any of our other students or the teachers can beat them in the lunchtime competition this year.

Jason Clifford