4/5 Design Tech | Elastic Band Games

The Year 4/5 class have been investigating the properties of elastic and its application in a variety of games and pastimes.
Students started the unit making bungee cords for a diving Barbie doll, testing various lengths to ensure a safe fall.
The students then constructed spinning propellers and were challenged to come with new ideas for a child’s toy.
We used a huge number of elastic bands for our next toy: a rubber band ball! These were tricky and needed adjustment to bounce.
Our last project was a table-top ice hockey game. Students assembled wooden components to make the board, attached rubber bands to make the ‘catapults’ and sanded and painted the board and the special ‘pucks’ that are needed to play the game.
Over the course of the unit, students showed resilience in completing designs, collaborated in group activities and used measuring and construction skills to complete their models.