2022 CYS Music

C YS is very proud of its ongoing commitment to providing quality music education for all students. Music is taught from K-10 as part of our Performing Arts program with specialist teachers providing an engaging, challenging and inclusive program.

Music Extension

To give our students the option to extend their singing, playing and ensemble skills CYS also offers an elective instrumental, choir and band program.

Debbie Schwartz is the CYS Instrumental Music teacher , choir coordinator and conductor of the YP Schools Concert Band. She is employed through the Instrumental Music section of the Department for Education and CYS is her host school. She also teaches at Ardrossan Area School and Moonta Area School. Her main teaching day is Wednesday, with Festival Choir lessons in the morning, instrumental lessons throughout the day and Concert Band rehearsals after school.

Festival Choir

Festival Choir is an option for all students in Year 4 and above and will run from 10- 11 am on Wednesdays in the PAC. Grade 3 students will be by audition/invitation. Secondary students are welcome to join the program if discussed and approved by the secondary staff.

YP Concert Band

The YP Concert Band is available for all continuing IM students and runs 3:30 – 5pm on Wednesdays. The band currently has over 50 students, staff, and community members in the group.

If you can play an instrument or can read music, please feel free to come and join in when you can. For more information on the band, please contact either Debbie or Tim Tuck (band manager) at school on 8832 2613.

YP Vocal Ensemble

The YP Vocal Ensemble is available to all secondary students and runs from 5:00 – 5:45pm on Wednesdays. Staff are also welcome to join.

5-11 Instrumental Music

This year, Years 5 -11 Instrumental Students will have their lessons offline with a rotating timetable, so students won’t miss the same lesson every week. Timetables will be posted on Sentral and Microsoft Teams each week. Online lessons will be available via Microsoft Teams for current students in years 7 – 11. Year 5 – 6 students have programs currently available on Google Classroom.

CYS IM Students 2022

  • Yr 11 Kira (Trumpet) & Aidan (Alto Sax)
  • Yr 10 Louis (Trombone)
  • Yr 9 Morgan (Trumpet) & Sophie (Clarinet)
  • Yr 8 Rhys (Baritone Saxophone)
  • Yr 7 Shannon (Trombone) & Isis (Clarinet)
  • Yr 6 Caitlyn (Clarinet),  Isabelle (Clarinet), Jamila (Flute), Jethro (Alto Sax)
  • Yr 5 Katrina (Flute), Vonnie (Flute), Alice Butler (Flute), Tyra (Flute), Lily (Clarinet), Sophie (Trumpet), Austen(Trumpet), Harrison (Alto Sax), Michael (Alto Sax)