Loose parts construction

What are loose parts and why do our children (and educators) love them so much?
T he loose parts in the ELC have provided hours of high levels of engagement and collaborative play. As educators we are constantly amazed at the variety of ways these resources are being used and the constructive pieces children are creating.

Why loose parts?

Loose parts play provides endless opportunities for children to test their theories, explore a variety of natural and commercial materials, construct and problem solve, engage in risky play and bring their imaginative thinking to life.

Loose parts are suitable for children of all ages from babies through to adolescence, making them the perfect resource in our Early Learning Centre.

Loose parts are inclusive of all abilities, it doesn’t matter where children are at developmentally, loose parts offer something for everyone. They are open ended which means they can be used in a variety of ways, there is no wrong or right way to play with them or how they can be used. Children can use them in the way that suits their needs and skills best.

Loose parts also support physical and gross motor development. They provide the opportunity for children to use both their fine and gross motor muscles. They are important in developing vestibular processing, which is how our bodies interpret movement, whether or not you’re moving, how quickly, and then in what direction we’re moving in. They also develop core body strength which support children in maintaining a good posture.

Loose parts are affordable, better yet they can be for free as they can be sourced from families and community.

If you have anything at home or work, which you think could be utilized in children’s play, please let us know.