R-6 Swimming Lessons

Primary swimming lessons are about much more than having fun in the water. In fact, the focus is on safe swimming, floating, survival strokes and rescuing others in trouble:

R/1 & Point Pearce students focused on floating and kicking and were introduced to freestyle and torpedoes. They learnt to float with a milk bottle, basketball, tube, board and a noodle. They practiced signalling for help and rescuing their partners with a noodle or a basketball. They also had LOTS of fun on the big red foot!

Year 2 students focused on survival backstroke and breaststroke and also rescued partners with a noodle and a basketball. They learnt how to scull and float while calling for help and floated with items such as milk bottle and basketballs.

Year 3/4 students reviewed survival backstroke and breaststroke and were introduced to sidestroke and they learned why and when thy might use these strokes. They created whirlpools in the pool to experience a rip or current and they learnt about safe entries into deep water.

Year 5/6 students reviewed all three survival strokes and techniques and how to cope without goggles. They learnt to throw an un-weighted rope to rescue a partner, conducted safe entries into deep water and had lots of fun making a raft from noodle, tubes and ropes.

A huge thank you to our talented instructors Shirley Lands and Jodie Ames who ensure our children learn to be safe in and around water – and make it all so much fun!