SRC Leadership Camp

This Term in Week 2, the SRC Leadership Team went on a camp in Adelaide at the West Beach Caravan Park.

The bus ride down was splendid and we were able to socialise with each other. In Adelaide we took an exciting trip around the city catching trams and trains, a new experience for many of us.

We then went to a public speaking workshop run by ‘Rostrum’ to learn how to speak in front of an audience using poems and rhymes for practice. We think it definitely made an improvement in our public speaking and confidence when presenting. After, we went to the park and had Domino’s pizza and explored the park and then settled into our cabins. The pool and jumpy castle were favourites and luckily the pool was heated because it was freezing most of the time. That evening we spent an hour in the evening planning our year ahead. It was fun working out what each term’s activities will be.

In the morning we went in the pool again then tried out putt-putt golf where we split into groups and competed against each other. Then it was back to the vans and home to our families where we shared our adventures with them. Thank you to Mr Baker and Mrs Le Feuvre for taking us. We learned a lot on the leadership camp and it was such a blast!