Supporting Students

T he CYS Primary Learning Hub is a small class located within the primary wing designed to support students with complex needs. This learning environment consists of consistent routines and highly structured teaching provided by specialist teachers and trained support staff. This provides positive and beneficial learning outcomes across all targeted learning areas, enabling identified students the ability to engage positively in educational tasks, develop confidence in attending school with reduced anxiety and focus on targeted individualised learning. For the personal growth and development of these students, we use a highly structured teaching model and visual stimulus such as a personalised visual schedule.

Communication is key in all aspects of our life and for our non-verbal students to become effective communicators we use a variety of alternative communication systems. These systems include:

  • Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD)
  • Auslan (sign language)
  • Visual cue cards on a lanyard
  • Sentence boards

These aids allow students to communicate their wants and needs to their peers and educators. Primary Learning Hub students also enjoy the experience of inclusion time with their mainstream peers. These experiences are scheduled throughout the week and allow students the ability to remain connected with age-appropriate peers and build relationships with a variety of teachers during hands-on learning activities.