Primary Performing Arts Update


The Reception class has investigated interesting sounds, learnt how to play different percussion instruments, and are creating their own soundscape.

They have improvised different roles from the Gingerbread Man story in Drama and are exploring movement and rhythm in Dance.


The R/1’s Music unit focuses on the concepts of long and short notes. They have learnt songs about donkeys and used graphic notation to show long and short sounds. They have experimented with wooden percussion instruments and are going to create their own ‘donkey-walk’ accompaniments.

They are making their own Gingerbread Man plays and exploring learning how to follow a leader in the ‘Star Jump’ song in Dance.

Year 2/3

The Year 2/3’s Music unit is all about animals and the way they move. They have experimented with different music speeds and ways animals can be portrayed using sounds. The class is also learning the ukulele and students are enjoying playing strummed and picked tunes.

In Dance, the 2/3’s are learning to lead the ‘Star Jump’ song and have started choreographing their own dance.

Year 4/5

The 4/5 classes are learning about cyclic patterns- patterns that repeat or ‘cycle’. They’ve learned to play rhythms on Djembe drums, play counter rhythms on cowbells and are rehearsing an African instrumental that includes improvisation.

In Dance, the 4/5’s are learning a group social dance called ‘Jerusalema