SAASTA Connect Workshop

The SAASTA Connect students were involved in a workshop on Wednesday September 27, run by SAASTA and Port Adelaide.
We worked with Nicole Adji (SAASTA), Christine Glenn (Port Adelaide Community Team Member) and Georgie Jaques (Port Power Womens Player) to further understand the KPI’s, look at our team goal and rules and participate in a footy workshop. They were impressed by the footy skills of our students and praised the engagement of the students during all aspects of the workshop.

Latoya Humes

The SAASTA Connect group were also lucky to work with past student, Latoya Humes, to create an artwork for a polo as a part of one of their tasks.
Students came up with their own initial designs and we then workshopped with some of the main ideas to create our final design. The artwork is not quite finished, but it is well on its way!
A huge thank you to Latoya for the time she spent with us, sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Charlotte Nixon | SAASTA