Four Keys to Success

Grant Keleher | Principal

In my opinion there are some key factors that underpin a student’s success at school regardless of a student’s ability. Here are my top four:


There is a direct relationship between attendance and school grades. Students are required to attend school every day except if they are sick. When a student is absent, a note from a parent explaining their absence is an expectation.

Complete Set Tasks

Students who are successful, complete all set tasks to the best of their ability. Invariably students who do pass a subject have not attempted or completed the required task. At CYS, if major tasks are not submitted, parents will be informed.

Come Ready to Learn

As a teacher we all recognise students who are ready to learn. They bring a bag to school, have the equipment at the ready like pens and pencils, and also wear the school uniform. Where a student is wearing casual clothes, they usually are not in the learning mode. We wear a uniform to go to work and we wear a uniform to come to learn at CYS. With the cooler weather I have been noticing hoodies under jumpers. Please note that this is not part of the uniform and we appreciate parental support in this matter.

Parents as Partners

Parents are essential in the learning process particularly as the cheer leaders from the side lines. While they may not always show it, students love positive feedback from the significant people in their lives. Our young people today are desperate for role models and need some one they can look up to as opposed to a parent acting more as a friend.

If you are worried about your child’s learning, please make a time to come along and share your concerns or ring at any time and ask to talk to the teacher or leader concerned. If you are worried, we probably are too.