There have been many times in our country’s history when as a nation we have sent young people to war.

Anzac Day is one occasion when we formally remember those who have volunteered or been conscripted to serve our nation.

My thoughts in the sobering dawn of an ANZAC Day service are often drawn to those young people, given that their age would match those of our current senior students.

We are fortunate to live in relatively peaceful times and even though there is turmoil in the world at the moment, I pray for peace to continue.
I was very proud of our students who supported Anzac Day activities in the holidays. Our students were involved in the ANZAC activities on the 25th by presenting donated books and laying wreathes. Many of our students who were not prefects represented themselves proudly in presenting on behalf of other community organisations.

Our school band was also involved in performing at the dawn service. Thanks go to students and staff who have put many hours of time in preparing for this event. Special thanks to Deb Schwartz, Tim Tuck, Chelsea Schmidt, Shayla Vince, Sarah Townsend and Kelly Whittaker for the support of the students.