Leaders’ Induction Ceremony

Last week we had our Student Induction Ceremony and I was really proud of the quality of the assembly.

It was great to see our students do our ‘Welcome to Country’ in Narungga as well as listen to Sarah Francis talk about her journey in running the New York Marathon. She spoke about dreaming big and what it takes to achieve your goals. I was really moved by the way she linked to our students with their learning and the effort it takes to fulfil your dreams. It filled me with renewed enthusiasm and shows that our school is in an exciting time, a time where many leaders are going to make our school even better for staff, students and the wider community.
Congratulations to all our student leaders (to take a quote from Head Prefect Lynarha Newchurch’s speech) “for their bravery in stepping forward into their leadership roles”. Our student governance is in good hands!