Thank you to our volunteers

For quite some time now we have had our parents giving up their time to volunteer in our canteen and make our lunches as well as snacks for our students. With the weather getting colder, our parents have been making soup for our community and I can personally say it has been lovely. The staff and students are getting excited each day about what flavour soup the canteen will be selling.

Our community volunteers are very important to the way our school operates. I would like to publicly recognise the amount of work they put in to our school. Many of them do it for the love of our community and don’t seek praise or celebrate effort they put in.

We are very lucky at Central Yorke School to have such an amazing group of volunteers. Our volunteers come in many shapes and forms, from our Governing Council or Parents and Friends, to Mums that come in a read and our Sports Day helpers, the list goes on. We would not have the success we have today if it weren’t for them.

I would like to sincerely thank all our school volunteers who make the effort to come in and work with our children.

Grant Keleher | Principal