Principal’s Report – Week 3

Welcome to week 3! It has been great to get out into classrooms and see the learning that is happening. Students are engaged, teachers are inspired and the feel of the school is amazing.

Many of our students are setting goals and looking at how they can be better. Our school is making a big push on Formative Assessment and Reciprocal Teaching. This way students know exactly what it is they are learning and what then need to be able to do to demonstrate success.

As we get better and better at this we will see students really improving at asking the question:

“What do I need to do to be better than I ever have before and understand the journey? “

In the senior school we have paired this with a focus on flipped learning where students can access the curriculum 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This also allows parents to see what their child’s curriculum is and to follow the learning.

We are starting the second year of our Canvas journey where all students work and assessment is available online. I encourage parents to get onto your child’s Canvas, have a look at the work and share a discussion in their learning journeys.

Staff & leadership changes

Welcome to new staff and congratulations to those that have stepped up. We have had a fair bit of movement of staff this term and welcome new staff members who have stepped up to take on roles or fill positions. Would you please join me in congratulating and welcoming:

Merridy Jamieson-Rokobaro
Merridy has joined us from Risdon Park Primary School and is taking over as AET and Learning Hub teacher for Term 1 while Helen Moloney is in the Secondary Counsellor role at Moonta Area School.
Kath Magarey
Dave Love has had to take the rest of the term off due to a broken leg and Kath has stepped up to the role of Head of Campus at Point Pearce for the remainder of the term. Kath’s work with the Point Pearce students and Aboriginal Community has been second to none. It’s really exciting to see what she can do in this role.
Maddy Woodforde
We welcome back Maddy Woodforde who will backfill Kath alongside Deb Nye at Point Pearce.
Anna Allen
Anna has won the role as Primary Coordinator this year as Linda Bubner has gone on maternity leave. Anna has been at our school as a parent, SSO, teacher and now leader. Anna has always been a huge supporter of CYS and we welcome her to the role.

Leaders Induction

Next Wednesday is our Leaders induction day where we induct our Prefects, SRC, Music Captains, Bus monitors, House Captains, CYFA team and SAASTA team to our school leadership and governance for 2021. If you have a spare minute or two feel free to come support our students. This is a very important day in our school community and one our students are very proud to be a part of. It is a time where our students can help shape policies as well as act as role models and advocates for their peers. Central Yorke School has a rich culture of leadership and many of our parents and alumni who were school leaders have gone on to be successful leaders within our school community.

Meet the Teacher evening

We had an excellent turn out for our annual Meet the Teacher evening held last Tuesday. Thank you to all the families who took the opportunity to learn more about their children’s teachers and the intended learning programs for this year.