School Leaders Induction 2023

The 2023 CYS School Leaders’ Induction Ceremony was held on Wednesday, March 1st in the school Performing Arts Centre. The ceremony’s theme was ‘taking off’, with gold and silver balloons decorating the invitations, posters, presentation slides and around the stage.


Charlotte Nixon, the Student Voice Coordinator, opened the ceremony with the traditional ‘Welcome to Country’ read by Isis Schulte and Duwan Smith. The school’s Festival Choir, conducted by IMS teacher Debbie Schwartz led the singing of Advance Australia Fair and the School Hymn.

Special Guest

Special guest, Old Scholar Georgie Robinson, spoke to the audience about her unique career pathway on leaving school, paying tribute to the values she left CYS with and the need to set goals, use initiative and be prepared to keep learning throughout your life.

Prefect Induction

The Primary and Senior Prefects came to the stage and received their badges from Joann Weckert, Education Director. They then read the Prefect’s Endeavour together. Harrison and Mitchell responded with their first Head Prefect address to the school.

SRC Induction

Finn Galindo, the Deputy Principal, read out the names of the 7-10 SRC members. Chelsea Schmidt, Primary Assistant Principal, read out the names of the R-5 SRC members  who received their certificates from Principal Sharon Illingworth.

SAASTA Presentations

Jason Clifford, the SAASTA Coordinator, read out the names of the students and schools involved in the SAASTA program and students received their SAASTA certificates from Mayor Darren Braund.

House Captains

jason Clifford read out the names of House Captains and Vice Captains who received their badges from Mayor Darren Braund.

Music Captains

Deb Schwartz, Choir and IMS Coordinator read out the names of the CYS Music Captains. Badges were presented by Janine Burrows, Chairperson of the Governing Council.

Bus Monitors

Lauren Schwerdt, Middle School Leader, read out the names of the CYS Bus Monitors who received badges from Jenny Moloney, President of Parents and Friends.


After the closing words, morning tea was served by the Parents and Friends. Thanks go to our invited guests, to the family members who supported our inductees and the staff and students who attended. Thanks also go to Charlotte Nixon for her organisation of the big day.