Lunchtime Sports

After a fierce netball competition, the minor round ladder finished with the Year 8’s on top of the ladder followed by the Year 12’s and then the teachers. The two Year 10 teams and the Year 7 team rounded out the bottom 3 places.
This meant that on Monday of week 8 the Year 12’s faced off against the teachers in a semi final to see who would play the Year 8’s in the Grand Final. The game was fast and intense but with the Year 12’s missing a key player or two the teachers were able to grab the vital win.

Grand Final

With the Grand Final to be played on Tuesday the Year 8’s were confident going in not having lost a minor round game. The teachers were also gaining confidence knowing that the first time they met they were without powerhouse midfielder Mr Baker and sharpshooter Mr Clifford and having to rely on the inconsistency of Mr Trenorden in goals. Final tactics were discussed and the game was on.

The game was back and forth with no team able to make a big break. Tayla and Ruby keeping the Year 8’s in it with some good shooting while Jett, Tommy and Molly battled on in the midfield and defence. For the teachers the addition of Mr Baker into the mid court along with the experience of Miss Vince, Miss McEvoy, Mrs Gaisford and some goals that went in by Mr Trenorden meant that they were able to beat the favourites 11 goals to 8. Well done to all that played throughout the competition.


Tchoukball has been running for the past couple of weeks now with great enjoyment. The teams have been mixed up between year levels and it has been great to see all the students working together as a team. After four rounds the ladder is very tight. Team 2 leads on 12 points followed by Team 6 and Team 4 on 9 points and then Teams 5, 3 and 1 all on 6 points each. The final is to be played on the last day of school.