Woodhouse Camp 2020


On Wednesday the 11th of November the 2’s, 3’s and 4’s went on a camp to the Adelaide Hills to a place called Woodhouse. On our first day at Woodhouse, we had lunch and then we went for a walk to explore the camp grounds. We split into a boys group and a girls group. The girls went to laser skirmish and the boys went to challenge hill. Michael recommends to be extra careful on the flying fox. After each group had completed their activity, we had afternoon tea and then swapped activities. We were so tired from all of the fun. We went back to the bunkhouse and had a barbeque for dinner and apple crumble and custard for dessert. After our bellies were full, we all had showers, which took a long time. Once we were all clean, we watched The Emoji Movie. After the movie was finished we all went to bed for a good night sleep to prepare us for day 2.


On the second day we had a day full of activities, but first we had breakfast. Toast, cereal and pancakes were on the menu. We then brushed our teeth and hair and headed off to tube sliding. On the tube slide you could slide down by yourself or with a partner, it was tiring because you had to drag your own tube up the hill. Next on the activity list was bouldering. Bouldering is like rock climbing but instead of climbing up the wall you climb across it. We also did some fun challenges on the bouldering wall. After we had eaten lunch we conquered the labyrinth. We played hide and seek (which Anabel won) and then a game of ‘find the hat’. Zach was the winner, as he eventually found the hat which was on Angas’ head the entire time! We had cupcakes for afternoon tea and then we did survivor. At survivor we learnt about how to survive in the wild by making fires and cleaning water. Then we built our own shelters. We then went back to the bunkhouse to get clean and dry ready for tea. On the second night we had lasagna with salad and crusty bread and ice cream with topping for dessert. After dinner we had a dance party and talent show. We were all tuckered out from dancing, so we went to bed.


On our last day we were treated to bacon and eggs for breakfast. Then we went to tackle challenge hill for the second time. After we finished, we went back to have morning tea, which was cookies and fruit. We then went for a bush walk to finish off our stay. When the bus arrived, walked back to the bouldering shed to get all of our gear. Then we packed it all onto the bus and started our long tiring drive home. We stopped for a break at Dublin to have our delicious rolls for lunch. We were all so exhausted from all of the activities we did on camp, but we all had so much fun.