Glenn the Junkman Visit

On Tuesday the 16th of November we were lucky enough to have Glenn the Junkman come and visit us for an incursion. The children had the whole day to get creative building with loose parts that included barrels, tyres, ropes and even an old hot air balloon that was cut up into 45 pieces!!
The children worked together and showed imagination as they built cubbies and made props for their cubby mansions. There was ‘icky-sticky’ mud to cook wombat stew with, mould and explore. The children could be heard exclaiming ‘that Glenn mud is good!’  Children became engineers as they experimented and designed water tunnels . The Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 came to join in the fun adding on to creations and sharing more wonderful ideas with the preschool children. It was a glorious and messy day filled with lots of play and learning. Thank you Glenn your fantastic program!