Year 2-4 Woodhouse Camp 2021


The year 2,3 and 4’s arrived at Woodhouse around 12pm on Wednesday.
Once we’d had some lunch and unpacked we got straight into our first activity, bouldering. Students did an amazing job of climbing up the different bouldering structures, some even made it all the way to the top!
Students tested out some indoor bouldering too where they participated in a game to see who could hang onto the wall the longest, while making different movements. We then completed Challenge Hill. There were various challenges which all students attempted. All the teachers were very impressed to see students trying their best and working as a team. We finished off Wednesday with a nice campfire and a few games of chasey and hide and seek.


On the Thursday of camp, the students participated in three activities: Lazer Skirmish, Survivor and Tube Sliding. In these activities they learned how to create fire, build huts, find clean water, work in teams and slide down a hill on tubes. The tube slide was a favourite!


Students woke on Friday, ready for home. Everyone packed their rooms and were lucky enough to get pancakes for our final morning! We then completed the “Labyrinth” activity, which was a maze where students had to solve riddles and find their way out. The stormy weather added and extra obstacle, with students having to dodge all the puddles. By 10:30am we were set for home, with a little lunch stop at Two Wells, and returning safely to CYS by 2:30pm.