Operation Flinders

Operation Flinders is a program that takes participants between the age of 14 and 18 on a challenging outback experience, incorporating aspects of army training and survival skills.
It provides young men and women with demanding challenges and support, to help them develop their personal attributes and values of self-esteem, motivation, team work and responsibility which helps them grow as continued valued members of the community.

Head of Point Pearce Daniel Richardson and myself accompanied the students as support staff on this program, which was an incredible experience. It is physically and emotionally challenging, which brings out the true determination of people and also allows time to reflect and apply these skills to our lives.

The participants were Luke Walker, Brandon Brown, Angus Hamilton, Jordan Power, Shayla McKay, Ciana Dudley, Janaya Kartinyeri, Talisha Buckskin and Angel Webb. They were an amazing group to walk with and we all feel privileged to have accompanied them. The trip was was tough but very rewarding! You can find out more about the program by looking up the Operation Flinders website. Kelly Whittaker  (Pastoral Support Worker)