Relationships and Play

Relationships and Play

In the Early Learning Centre our philosophy identifies, educators believe all children’s wellbeing, culture and dispositions for learning are supported through RELATIONSHIPS and PLAY.

Transition Points

As we highly value both play and relationships, we are critically reflecting on how our processes for transition to school also reflects these key elements.
By focusing on relationships and play this will ensure seamless transitions and continuity for children.  Therefore, we are exploring an approach to transition which focuses on the development of secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships between children, teachers and families.

Informal visits

In order to build relationships and open lines of communication we are looking at creating opportunities for the reception class and teachers to have informal visits on a regular basis.  This not only supports our children with their transition to school, but is also an opportunity for the reception children to engage in play-based learning. The benefits for both cohorts of children are vital in their development as successful life-long learners. We have been fortunate to have Miss Dayman and the reception children visit for half a day this term.

Oral Language

Through our oral language site improvement team (Educators birth to eight years), we are developing play-based opportunities and provocations in the R-2 classrooms which align with early childhood pedagogy and practice.
There is a buzz of excitement amongst educators in both the JP and ELC, with many professional conversations occurring on a regular basis between educators. The R/1 classrooms have been trialling Investigation Time on a Friday morning which provides an opportunity for children to engage in play-based learning. Other learning spaces created for children, are story-tables and inquiry tables to support children’s oral language development. This is an exciting time for the Early Years team at Central Yorke School and we are looking forward to our evolving journey together.