Lunchtime Volleyball

This term we held a Volleyball tournament at lunch times for year 8 – 12 students and the teachers. It was a very competitive competition with all teams vying for the 4 semi final spots. After the minor rounds the top 4 included the Teachers team, the combined CYS/AAS Year 12 PE team, the Year 10’s and the Year 9’s.

With the favourites for the two semi-finals being the teachers and the Year 12’s a large crowd gathered to watch the much anticipated match ups. Amazingly there were two upsets both with very tight 3 set tiebreakers which saw the Year 9’s defeat the tournament favourites (teachers) and the Year 10’s managed to overcome the fast finishing 12PE team to set up a Year 10 vs Year 9 final. The Year 10’s took their late form into the Grand Final winning in 3 sets, 15 – 4, 6 – 15, 7 – 5.