Primary Update

Building Excellence

A s we look towards Term 2 it is now time to consolidate the learning and stretch our minds so we can achieve the goals that have been set out for us. So during the holiday period I want students to think about the following:

  • What am I going to practice on to improve?
  • What am I going to do when I don’t know how to do something?

Studies show that students will naturally improve just by consistently attending school however I want us improving at a greater rate than everybody else. At Central Yorke School we are creating a culture where improvement to achieve excellence is an expectation.

There is nothing that says we can’t all achieve excellence and for each person this might look different but the key is to make the decision to commit to your own improvement and enact the change you want to see in yourself; for yourself.

Staffing changes in Term 2.

Congratulations to Anna Allen who has won the Primary Coordinator position for the rest of the year. She will be a great asset to our Primary leadership team. Mrs Allen will step out of her role co-teaching the 3/4 class and we welcome Miss Arthur who will be replacing her!

Miss Arthur is very excited to become a member of our Central Yorke School teaching team and can’t wait to meet her new class next term – she has heard many wonderful things! If you’d like to get to know Miss Arthur please enjoy reading her teacher profile!

Chelsea Schmidt | Assistant Principal – Primary

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