Staff Professional Development

Monday September 4 was a Professional Development day for CYS staff with a range of learning taking place across the site.

Text Help

Greg O’Connor from TextHelp ran a session on the innovative software package called Read&Write.

The software works with students’ laptops to help with everyday tasks such as reading text out loud, helping with unfamiliar words and helping proof students written work.

Greg demonstrated the different ways the text could support students, some unique functions that teachers could use and gave us a peek at related maths apps and teacher resources.

The software will be introduced to students soon and we’re looking forward to the potential improved learning outcomes for all our upper primary and secondary students.

Disengagement Training

Staff have recently completed an online course on trauma, how it impacts people and the ways to be trauma-responsive in our teaching.

The online course focused on communication skills and ways to verbally de-escalate a crisis.

The second part of the course was conducted in person with trained coaches and focused on disengagement skills that can be used to safely and effectively break away from a potentially dangerous or escalating scenario.

The goal is to minimize risk to all involved while maintaining personal safety and the safety of others.

\We’d like to thank Senior Educator Ben McNicholl, and Behaviour Support Coach Sandy Briddon from Student Support Services (above) who led the sessions and provided us with such professional training, support and practice in these important skills.