Years 7-10 Surf Camp

On the 29th of November to the 1st of December, the year 7, 8, 9 and 10’s participated in a surf camp at the beautiful Berry Bay, all with the help of their wonderful surf instructors, Geoff, Steve, Max, Squizzy and Janelle.

Day 1

Everyone arrived to school at 8:30 am, to then hop on the bus to Corny Point. We each dropped off our bags at the caravan park and walked across the road together to collect our wetsuits from the surf instructors. Everybody then jumped back on the bus with their beach gear.  It took three separate mini bus trips to Berry Bay to travel everyone to the beach, where the instructors met us with the boards all set to be carried down the stairs to the sand. They managed to count a total of 91 stairs down to the beach from the car park. After a quick debriefing on how to surf, everyone was quick to dive in. There were many spills and falls off of the surf boards, but everyone seemed to have fun either way. If they fell, they got back up and just rode back out to catch another wave.
That afternoon, everyone gathered back onto the bus and headed back to the Caravan park. After some showers and a quick clothes change into some nice attire for dinner. The group walked together over to the Howling Dog Hotel for their round of schnitzels.

Day 2

On the morning of day two, everyone gathered in the dining pavilion for breakfast. The group was very ecstatic to hop back on the mini bus and travel to Berry Bay once again for another round of surfing. This time, many to most people had managed to stand up on their boards and successfully caught a wave into shore (or as far as they could until they fell off again).
For dinner that night, everyone met in the dining pavilion for a BBQ dinner or sausages, burgers and veggie burgers with a side of salad. After dinner, the teachers had organised a quiz night for everyone. It proved to be great fun, with everyone joining in and laughing along with each activity.

Day 3

For the last day of camp, everyone hopped on the big bus this time, and drove to Ballywire farm. The teachers split the students into two groups for a round of mini golf and then the museum and animal farm.
Halfway through, the groups swapped so everyone got a chance at mini golfing and seeing the animals. The horses and dogs seemed to be the favourite out of all the animals. The groups the got back together and had lunch together. For lunch, they had a small plate of chicken nuggets and chips each.
Afterwards, everyone hopped back on the big bus and took another long road trip together back to school. Everyone was definitely tired after an adventure of a camp over the three fun days in the sun.